South Down Way

Day Three - 8th April 2007: South Harting (Rest Day)

The day dawned bright and sunny which due to our enforced expulsion was a relief, we wouldn’t get drenched after all.

We plodded down to breakfast a little sore but not too bad considering the extra mileage back from the pub. Everything was laid out nicely but rather frugally. There were some other guests that joined us that had been attending a wedding and we had a chat with them but they were going home that day. We gave Maggie our cooked order which when it arrived was certainly following the frugal theme and even the toast was rather scarce. We did manage to just about have enough before returning to the bedroom to have a sort out before vacating the premises.

We left bang on 10 o’clock not really knowing what we were going to do with ourselves but just up the road there was a turning that took us on a loop through the countryside before returning to South Harting. Part way around we found a bench in a sheltered spot in the sun and we sat there for quite a while watching the world go by before setting off for the village. We walked up the main street and had a good look around including the other pub, before returning to The Ship for lunch.

South Harting

As it was Sunday the pub had a roast on so we took advantage and washed it down with a drop of ale. We still had a couple of hours to kill before returning to our B&B and so we wandered up to the church and found a seat in the sun and sat and chatted. There were a lot of free range black chicken roaming about the graveyard and they kept us entertained for a while. We also noticed a lot of the older grave stones had skull and crossbones which we had never seen before but we have since found out that it was normal practice back then and not a pirates’ gang resting place!


Chicken in the graveyard

We then went for a wander slightly south of the village and came across a pleasant enough park with a large pond and so had another sit down and watched the ducks go about their business.

By now it was just about time to head back to the B&B and so we ambled our way back along the same road as the previous night. When we arrived we found some cake in our room with a couple of mini Easter eggs which was a nice touch. We had planned to eat in the room for our tea using up some more of our supplies, so the cake was a welcome addition. We realised that the owners had personal guests so we wondered if that was the reason why we were expected to make ourselves scarce. We lounged about in our room, watching a bit of television and then packed as much as we could. It had been a pleasant enough day but a bit boring all the same and having to vacate the room made us feel a little unwanted. Our rest day had been worthwhile but we were now both champing at the bit to get going again and we were looking forward to the next day.


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