Cotswold Way

Day 6 – 9th May – Uley to Wotton under Edge – 9 miles

After our good night’s sleep we felt ready for what was our shortest day. We didn’t need to leave early but it was still only about 9am when we left.

We first had to go straight up the escarpment, never a great experience first thing before the legs have had chance to wake up. It took us about 15 minutes and wasn’t as bad as we first thought. Having re-joined the route we headed downhill to Springfield Farm before climbing very sharply to the top of Cam Long Down which got us panting. The day again was very hot and so at the top we had our first stop, determined not to charge on too quickly. After crossing flat ground we went downhill, in effect, all the way to Dursley.

Cam Long Down

Coaley Peak from Cam Long Down

Dursley from Cam Long Down


We had decided to stop at the large Sainsbury’s in Dursley to stock up but as we were staying in Wotton, which had plenty of shops, there seemed little point in buying too much, as we were the ones that had to carry it. After making use of the facilities in Sainsbury’s we found a seat in the pedestrianised area and proceeded to stink everyone out with our smelly feet, and, also have a bite to eat.

The route out of Dursley is very steep directly up the flank of the hillside but at the top we had to make a decision as the path divides. We could either go on what appeared to be a ludicrous loop around Stinchcombe Hill, which was going to add 2 miles to the journey or straight across the golf course (still the official Cotswolds Way route) but which was about 150 yards to get to the same point. We took the latter. I might have already mentioned about referring to these little diversions later in the journal.

North Nibley

After a steep downhill through the woods we stopped at a bench for a few minutes before crossing fields to North Nibley where the Black Horse pub awaited us. We sat on a seat just outside and discussed whether we would partake of its wares. But, strangely we decided not to. The heat had finally got to us – passing by an open pub, whatever next! Even worse was the fact that we had a steep climb up to the Tyndale monument, so hydration was of the utmost importance of course. We still didn’t go in. So off we went ever upwards until we caught sight of the tower. Of course we had seen it on and off for the last couple of days but now we were here. Rachel wanted to climb it, all 121 steps, so ever the gallant husband I agreed to stay at the bottom and look after the packs. It is at this point that I want to make it very clear, it had nothing to do with being scared of heights or confined spiral staircases with no handrail, that I stayed at the bottom. I am a grown man, I could have done it if I wanted to, I just didn’t want to. Moving swiftly on, Rachel made the top very quickly and proceeded to shout at me from the top like a demented Rapunzel. By the time she got down I was on the phone to our tiler that was doing some work to our house while we were away, but she hadn’t wasted any time in chatting up some men in Lycra, that had turned up. We sat on a seat for lunch and admired the view but couldn’t quite see Wotton which was around the next hill.

Tyndale monument

Tyndale monument

View from Tyndale monument

It was back in to woods again (oh joy) almost all the way to Wotton but first we passed the monument of trees in an enclosed wall, overlooking Wotton. Having made the road we went through the centre of town and found our hotel for the night. Another hot day but it had been manageable. We had plenty of time before dinner so lounged about ‘just chillin’ until we headed downstairs to the restaurant.

Monument of trees

The Swan Hotel

Accommodation – The Swan Hotel

The outside makes it look more like a pub rather than a hotel. We were met at reception by a young man that took us at great speed through the hotel, up steep flights of stairs, along passageways, round corners until finally we arrived at the top of the hotel. We were worried that we hadn’t left a trail of crumbs to find our way back downstairs! The room was just the right size and nicely decorated and furnished. Being an old hotel the floor sloped toward the headboard and so we wondered how we would get on sleeping but in the event it was fine. It was very clean and had a good welcome tray and cosmetics. It also had comprehensive instructions about how the shower worked which was useful, as so often it is trial and error. It was difficult to fault the room and hotel in general.

Breakfast was had in the restaurant and the choices of cooked were far better and varied than anywhere else on the trail. They take payment for the room on a card 7 days before arrival so checking out is very quick.

Score – 10/10

Evening meal – The Swan Hotel

The restaurant is very well presented and the menus were extensive with masses of choices. We opted for the 2 course menu at £13 which was less than the price of one course in most of the pubs previously. Also we splashed the cash on a bottle of wine for the first time as again this was reasonable and very good. Both courses were excellent.

Score 10/10


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