Coast to Coast

Final thoughts on completing the Coast to Coast

A dream had been realised. The years spent wishing and thinking about it, the time and effort spent creating an achievable plan were certainly worth it. It was something we wanted to do and we did it. The devil is in the detail, nothing too small should be ignored and everything should be expected. Contingencies were worked out, escape routes off certain mountains were examined, details checked and checked again. It was a real pleasure to plan it all and the hours spent pouring over maps and hours spent researching on the internet were a labour of love. At no point did we think it was all too much, we kept ploughing on knowing that when our plan was implemented for real we would have the best possible chance of succeeding.

The feeling of achievement is immense especially having carried everything ourselves. The sense of pride in a job well done is so satisfying. We knew that at any time some or all of our plans could be unravelled but at least we had given it our best shot. We always knew that we might not achieve it, if, for some reason it was just not meant to be and although it would have been frustrating we would have accepted it – and then planned for the next year!

The one regret I do have is that I would have liked to have relaxed a bit more and enjoyed it more. It is all too easy to get into this ticking off mode to the exclusion of everything else. On nearly every day we arrived in plenty of time at our B&Bs, we could have taken it easier, but I know that I would have then worried more that we might be late or the weather could change. On reflection I think we did find the right balance.

We were very pleased with our physical strength and abilities and were glad that our training had paid off. The mental capacity to keep going day after day and to push yourself when perhaps everything is screaming at you to stop, can be a challenge but we won through.

I couldn’t have wished for a better walking companion in Rachel my wife and it is such a bonus to have someone that shares your own dreams and it also helps that she is as tough as old boots! We work well together as a team, think the same way and push ourselves in the same way when the going gets tough.

Writing this account has brought back so many wonderful memories, it really was such a fantastic thing to do. As I have read it back (several times now) I still get misty eyed so many times - surely that speaks volumes and that is what this walk does to you. It gets under your skin in a way that you would never imagine.

Go on, get out there…… and do it!!!


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