Coast to Coast

Day Ten – 1st May 2011: Reeth (Rest day)

We awoke somewhat refreshed and my mind was also somewhat fresher and clearer. We would get over not walking with Gary and Sam and there was the likelihood that we would meet up with other people anyway. The niggle about the previous day’s strange route had left me and I was looking forward to a relaxing day.

At breakfast we chatted to the people we had met the previous evening, discussing their routes and thoughts for the day ahead. Sandra had told us that we could wash any of our clothes and she would put the washing line up for us. It was great to have proper facilities to clean our clothes and so we took the opportunity to do as much as we needed. After hanging up the washing we headed down to Reeth for a wander.

It was another lovely day and we sat on the green watching the world go by. It was still quite windy and unless you got out of the wind it could be quite chilly. We sat in the shelter of a wall and it turned out to be quite a sun trap. Sandra walked by on a mission of some kind, but on her way back she stopped and sat down and chatted with us for quite a while, which was really nice of her. We spoke of so many things and it must have been the best part of an hour before she hurried back to the B&B. We decided to have a walk around to see what was on offer, not only for lunch but also for the next days walk to St Giles Farm. The bakers didn’t appeal nor the other shops, so rather reluctantly (I fib) we headed to the pub, The Buck Hotel. We thought we would give it a go as we had tried the Kings Arms the previous night, so only the Black Bull to go for the full set.

We sat outside in the sun, drinking and eating, watching the green fill up with cars and day trippers and by the time we had finished, Reeth was a very busy place indeed. The green was completely covered with cars and some type of amphibious owners club used it as a meeting place. It seemed quite weird having all these strange vehicles parked up together but it gave us something to look at and them something to do. After a bit more sitting about we pushed the boat out and had an ice cream from the ice cream parlour which was really rather good. We walked around a little more before deciding to head back to the B&B, remembering that there would be tea and cake on offer later in the afternoon.


Due to the wind, our washing was dry and Sandra had very kindly taken it in for us. We had our tea and cake in the conservatory as before and chatted to the other inmates that had also mysteriously appeared at tea time. We compared routes and options for other walks in the area should we return to this lovely area. Another couple of walkers arrived but they didn’t say very much and didn’t appear to be very friendly but I think they had had a hard day. Back in the room we rounded up as much of our gear as we could and packed our packs ready for the morning rather than do it later in the evening. Once done, it was back down into Reeth for our evening meal.

Rather than go to the Black Bull which seemed a bit down at heal, we decided to go back to the Buck Hotel as we had had ample time at lunch time to peruse the evening menu. It was very busy, with a rather loud, well oiled group in residence but they soon went and calm was restored. The meal was good but all too soon it was time to head back.

We had enjoyed our day in Reeth doing absolutely nothing but eat, drink and watch the world go by but we had to get our heads in gear and get back into walking mode.


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